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Ph.D works
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The topic of my thesis is:
 "Causes of Arsenic contamination in parts of West Bengal and Bangladesh with special reference to Joypur village in Barasat Block, N-24-Parganas,West Bengal, India"

I started working on this topic along with Rajesh under Prof. D.M.Banejee, University of Delhi, from Sept-2001.

So far our group have been able to acheive, the analytical results of  250 tubewell sampled from the Barasat block, a batch of repetative sampling from about 45 tubewells in the Joypur village, Installation of three sets of Peizometers, Analysis of core samples obtained from the peizos, Dating of Sediments............

What's New?

A repetative analysis of 45 tubewell to moniter changes in As concentration with season. Installation of Piezometers to moniter changes with depth, Sr Isotopic Ratio, Stable Isotopes, Applicability and validation of Models, Age of sediments, Geomorphological analysis...........

Sattellite Imagery of the study Area
IRS-1D, LISS-III, Edge-Enh(Feb-02) Path-108,Row-56